Our Church officers

Church Lay Leadership 2021

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Administrative Council

Administrative Council Chairperson: Jerry Clement

Administrative Council Recording Secretary: Angela May

Treasurer: Carl Weihing

Lay Leader: Opal Currie

Lay Delegate: Judy Ros

NOW Committee Chairperson: Robert Weathersby

Children and Youth Ministries - Susanne Gill

Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chairperson: Richard Greer

Finance Committee Chairperson: Rick Hilsabeck

Trustee Committee Chairperson: Stephen Messer

Daycare Committee Chairperson: Janice Westfaul

Security Council Chairperson: Bruce Cole

Pastor: Rev. Jeff Walton

Lay Pastor: Robert Weathersby

Children's Ministry: Susanne Gill

Nursery Coordinator: Mickey Morie

Steeple Story Editor: Lesa Larsen

Next Generation Representative: Amanda Merrill

Youth Representative: Haleiana Jones

Webmaster: Winfred Morie

Methodist Men president: Brice Wiggins

Methodist Women Presidents: Theresa Gill, Opal Currie, Kelli Green

Administrative Council Members At Large

Robin Weihing

Linda Cole

Sidney Carol Murphey

Christina Tuck

Carla Neely

Trudi Dixon

Beth Chapuis

Suzanne Ros

Tammy Hardy

Sara Smith

Eugenia Lewis

Greg Hust

Nancy Morris

Wesley Smith

Doug Ros

Susan McCormick

Administrative Council Honorary Members

Maurice Ellis

Kay Carlow

Lois Roberts

Committee Chairpersons

NOW Committee: Robert Weathersby

Staff-Parish Relations Committee: Richard Greer

Finance Committee: Rick Hilsabeck

Trustees Committee: Stephen Messer

Daycare Committee: Janice Westfaul

Memorial Garden Committee: Theresa  Gill

Flower Guild Committee Trudi Dixon

Memorial Committee: Theresa Gill

Security Council: Bruce Cole

Missions Committee: Amanda Merrill

Lay Leadership Committee: Rev. Jeff Walton

NOW Committee

Chairperson: Robert Weathersby

Children and Youth Ministries - Susanne Gill

Finance: Rick Hilsabeck

Lay Leader: Opal Currie

Missions: Amanda Merrill

Daycare: Janice Westfaul

Youth Representative: Riley Walton

Children and Youth: Susanne Gill

Next Generation: Amanda Merrill

Children's Music: Sidney Carol Murphey

Bereavement Meals: Mickey Morie

Evangelism: Barbara Moss

Sunday School Superintendent: Mike and Linda Tillman

Communications: Winfred Morie

Hand Bells and Choir: David Westfaul

Audio Ministry - Pat Fulgham

Flower Guild: Trudi Dixon

Recreation Coordinator: Forrest Hardy

Steeple Story: Lesa Larsen

NOW Committee At Large Members

Scott Green

Marilyn Vlahos

Robin Weihing

Vonda Green