For Friends and Family

Aiden Lieb – son of Janet Lieb, grandson of Michael & Meedie Lieb

Allen Wayne Tubb - relative of Maurice Ellis

Allie Moore – friend of Barbara Morie

Ann White - friend of Carol Woodson

Anna McIlwain – niece of Elizabeth Stallworth

Annie Margaret Ezell - sister-in-law of Judy Ros

Arnie Andersen – father of Tim Ritter

Ashley Wilkinson – friend of Tammy and Forrest Hardy

Audrey Clement – sister-in-law of Jerry Clement

Ben Esquibel – per Robert Weathersby

Bob Clement – brother of Jerry Clement

Brannon Janca – son of Trudi Dixon

Caden Lewis – grandson of Opal Currie

Candace Graham – per Maurice Ellis

Charles Harbinson - brother of Don Harbinson

Chris Lee – son of Wally Lee

Christie Myers – friend of Sidney Carol Murphey

Cindy Brown - daughter of Winfred and Mickey Morie

Cindy Nelson - sister of Dennis Guess

Claudia Hawkins – friend of Marilyn Vlahos

Cooper Boyd and Family – Friend of Wayne and Wendy Currie

Cynthia Everett - friend of Sandra Locke

Dan and Martha Bland – former members of Eastlawn

Daphne Naill Mobbs – former member of Eastlawn

Darren Alexander - brother-in-law of Ronnie Crocker

David Boyd - son of Jeanne Bull

Debbie Barron – friend of Jerry and Charlotte Clement

Deloris Gattis – friend of  Faye McIntosh

Dennis Gandy - friend of Winfred Morie

Doug Bull – brother of Jeane Bull

Drew Fell - friend of Winfred and Mickey Morie

Faith Stewart – per Opal Currie

Family of J. W. Woodson - husband of Carol Woodson

Freda Moe - friend of Marjorie Wales

Genita Honeycutt – mother of Glynda Smith

Glenn Harbinson - brother of Don Harbinson

Harold Hammon – brother-in-law of Gayla Daniels

Harriet Cobb - mother of Deborah Felts

James Hodges – brother of Eddie Hodges

Jim Treadway – friend of Robert Weathersby

Jimmy Driskell – brother of Betty Barham

Joy Ezell - per Opal Currie

June Hopkins – sister of Homer Wales

Katy Blake – niece of Larry and Carol King

Ken Posey – brother-in-law of Robin Weihing and Robert Weathersby

Landon Jones –great- nephew of Opal Currie

Leroy Waller – uncle of Amanda Merrill

Luke Eversull - relative of Linda Wiggins

Lynette Crowley – grandmother of Ashley Hilsabeck

Marcia Byars Willett – friend of Marilyn Vlahos

Mark Ross – son of Pat Fulgham

Mary Ann Terjersen – friend of Gayla Daniels

Mary Bet Evans - friend of Sidney Carol Murphey

Michael & Ann Marie Bryant –brother & sister-in-law of Dianne Gilbert

Michelle Phelps Cadman – friend of Sandra Locke

Mike Gournay – father of Beth Chapuis’ friend

Ouida Parker – friend of Maurice Ellis

Reb Roberts – grandson of Winfred and Mickey Morie

Reis Divine – grandson of Earl and Brenda Divine

Rhett Johnson, Sr. – per Wendy Currie

Robert Goff - son of friend of Margie Wales (Dale Goff)

Roxanne Burrows – friend of Maurice Ellis

Sandi Wright - friend of Dianne Gilbert

Sawyer Wright – son of Linda Wiggins’ friend Susan Wright

Sharay North - friend of Suzanne Ros

Sheila Ros Bloodworth - sister of Doug Ros

Sheila and Stan Stewart  – sister & brother-in-law of Opal Currie

Shirley Hunter - friend of Judy Ros

Skev Karovokiro – son of Beth’s co-worker

Spencer Whitlock - friend of Stephen and Carol Messer

Stephanie Chapuis - sister-in-law of Brian Chapuis

Susan Ezell – friend of Marilyn Vlahos   

Susan Samson- per Opal Currie

Tim Spiriti – friend of Trudi Dixon

Toni Peffers – friend of Brenda Divine

Vickie Haygood – sister of Steve Haygood

Wendy Hollingsworth - friend of Marie Singleton