For Friends and Family

Aiden Lieb – son of Janet Lieb, grandson of Michael & Meedie Lieb

Allie Moore – friend of Barbara Morie

Anna Ware Young – sister of Brother Clint Ware

Ashley Neely – daughter-in-law of Bobby and Carla Neely

Audrey Clement – sister-in-law of Jerry Clement

Audrey Currie – sister-in-law of Wayne Currie

Ben Esquibel – per Robert Weathersby

Bob Clement – brother of Jerry Clement

Boyd Mason – former member of Eastlawn

Brenda Swett – (former member) – mother of Laura Cole

Caden Lewis – grandson of Opal Currie

Candace Graham – per Maurice Ellis

Candy Gambrell – daughter of Dee Merritt    

Carolyn Childs – sister of Margie Hatcher

Carron Broome – niece of Bobby May

Chandra Nicholson – niece of Trudi Dixon

Cheryl Cook – per Lashunda Taulbee

Chris Lee – son of Wally Lee

Cindy Brown – daughter of Winfred and Mickey Morie

Claudia Hawkins – friend of Marilyn Vlahos

Cooper Boyd and Family – Friend of Wayne and Wendy Currie

Dan and Martha Bland – former members of Eastlawn

Daphne Naill Mobbs – former member of Eastlawn

Debbie Barron – friend of Jerry and Charlotte Clement

Deborah Tidwell – sister of Cathy Epps

Deloris Gattis – friend of  Faye McIntosh

Devan Willis – student of Susie Riley’s sister

Diane Easley – per Brice Wiggins

Dixie McCormick – per Suzanne Ros

Emma Grace Ellis – great niece of Opal Currie

Faith Stewart – per Opal Currie

Freda Moe – friend of Marjorie Wales

Genita Honeycutt – mother of Glynda Smith

Gina Willis – daughter of Eugenia Lewis

Ginger Davis – former member of Eastlawn

Greg Kauls – friend of Nan Briesmeister

Harold Hammon – brother-in-law of Gayla Daniels

Hoyt and Carolyn Anderson – friends of Opal Currie

Hurlen Wells – cousin of Charles and Winfred Morie, uncle of Ashley Hilsabeck

Ilka Robertson – friend of Opal Currie

Jackie Dammen – grandmother of Emma and Ella Retherford

James Adams – per Opal Currie

James Hodges – brother of Eddie Hodges

Jason Epps – son of Cathy Epps

Jerry Barfield – friend of J.W. and Carol Woodson

Jim Treadway friend of Robert Weathersby

Jimmy Driskell - brother of Betty Barham

Joann Stringfellow – friend of Jonnie Lou Rayborn

Joe Watts – friend of Susie Riley

John Briesmeister – son of Nan Briesmeister

Josie Pecson – per Suzanne Ros

June Hopkins – sister of Homer Wales

Katy Blake – niece of Larry and Carol King

Kay McArthur – friend of Sandra Locke

Ken Posey – brother-in-law of Robin Weihing and Robert Weathersby

Kenneth Peacock – grandfather of Ashley Hilsabeck

Kim Taylor Hicks – friend of Bobby May

Landon Jones –great- nephew of Opal Currie

Laura McCool – friend of Jeane Bull

Laura Wilson – grandmother of Jessica Lewis

Lauren DeMarco – per Beth Chapuis

Lindsey Foster Hurr – friend of Amanda Green Merrill

Lynette Crowley – grandmother of Ashley Hilsabeck

Marcia Byars Willett – friend of Marilyn Vlahos

Mark Ross – son of Pat Fulgham

Mary Ann Terjersen – friend of Gayla Daniels

Matthew Wall – great-nephew of Carol King

Michael & Ann Marie Bryant – brother & sister-in-law of Dianne Gilbert

Michael Baker – uncle of Forest Hardy  

Nell Smith – mother-in-law of Sara Smith

Owen Golding – per Jerry Clement

Paisley Shepherd – granddaughter of friends of Keith and Kathy Morie

Pat Hardwick – mother of Cherie Ware

Pauline Wall – mother of Doug Wall

Peter Parker – nephew Cathy Epps

Reb Roberts – grandson of Winfred and Mickey Morie

Reis Divine – grandson of Earl and Brenda Divine

Rhett Johnson, Sr. – per Wendy Currie

Robert H. McCormick, Jr. – brother of David McCormick

Robert Meleady – friend of J. W. Woodson

Ruth Zirkleback – niece of Bobby May and Jerry McPhail

Sawyer Wright – son of Linda Wiggins’ friend Susan Wright

Sheila Stewart – sister of Opal Currie

Stacy Huffman – daughter of Brother Gene and Patty Vance

Steven Greer – brother of Richard Greer

Sue Hardy – mother of Forest Hardy

Sujo Bardwell Hart – sister-in-law of Kitty Bardwell

Susan Ezell – friend of Marilyn Vlahos

Susan Sampson – per Opal Currie   

Teena Grubbs – friend of Susie Riley

Teri Scott – friend of Jeannene Crocker

Terry Amidon – relative of Nan Briesmeister

Thelma Davidson – mother of Edna Chapuis 

The Thomason Family – Hayes & Margie Hatcher’s daughter’s family

Toni Peffers – friend of Brenda Divine

Tori Lynn – granddaughter of Theresa Lynn & niece of Kim Crocker

Vickie Haygood – sister of Steve Haygood

Vicky Lynn Hall – friend of Heather Wiggins

Wayne Hightower – friend of Gayla Daniels

Winfred Buckingham – father of Cheryl Greer